Monday, June 28, 2010

What is a purity ring? In my little bit of nothing opinion, here goes.
A purity ring is a promise. To me it says, "I promise that I will run from, and keep far away from
physical impurity (I won't sleep around)" It's a promise to God, and a promise to my parents and everyone else that I'm going to keep myself for my wife.I have been asked "Why not just make the promise and skip the ring?" Well, I want people
to know that I have made this promise and that I take it seriously. Seriously enough to wear this uncomfortable titanium steel band on my ring finger. I'm not going to talk about the birds and the bees, but we men have eyes that see, and bodies that
want. Given a situation, it would take a decent amount of self-control to resist temptation. This ring
won't protect me, but it will remind me that I need to protect myself, and ask God for protection.
T some, it might seem to be a little bit of nothing, but to me it's a deep and sincere promise.

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Rachael said...

Thanks for writing this, Alec. I wear a purity ring too and you're won't protect us, but it's good to have that constant know that we are saving one of the most precious gifts for that one person, one day. It will be so worth the least that's what I've heard. :)

-rachael elizabeth