Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The "R" Word

Stop screaming. Please.
That's right, A little bit of nothing presents...a post by me...Relationships.
But, before I tell you what I think; let's look at what our culture says.
"Get in a relationship now! Sure, you're 15 now, do you want to be a bachelor all your life?
Look at all those lonely girls and your own lonely self. A Relationship will solve all your problems,
you're life will be filled with rainbows and butterflies forever! Everyone else is doing it, why not?
What have you got to lose?"
My turn.
I'm 18, ignoring culture and I've never been in a relationship. Stop looking at me like that.
Also, I am very happy. No really, stop looking at me like that.
Shocking isn't it?
Not really. Actually, encouraging infatuation at an early age is one of America's biggest mistakes.
We've seen the attraction of it, but let's look at the consequences.
First of all, when a teenager gets infatuated (And they insist on calling it love) the whole family gets an
overdose of drama, not to mention a much larger phone bill. Being a teenager is in reality a very stressful time
for a youth. Their bodies are growing and changing and the teen starts to wonder where their place in life is.
This time should be spent having fun, spending lots of time with friends and time with Jesus Christ.
Not stressing and sweating about the "love of their life."
Teenagers are just too young to handle the responsibility, the commitment and the sacrifices of a deep, Godly relationship that they insist on hurling themselves into.
It's insane!
I know it's hard to avoid those feelings, it's our God given nature to see that person and like what we see.
But that's another thing that we have to give to God. When the time comes, and the right person that God has chosen
for us comes it's exciting. But you don't want to have to tell her about all the stuff that went on before you met.
I'm trying to step carefully here, but there's also a chance that the two young lovers might become parents before wedlock.

A lot of teens go through girlfriends and boyfriends like candy. "I'm tired of this one, on to the next! Because it's going to be so much better!"
Think about the lyrics in some of the songs you hear. They sing about how they can't wait for the one to come, then they sing about the butterflies of love; moving on to how painful the breakup was and how they'll never forgive the person because they made their lives miserable and it keeps going on and on and on.
What I'm trying to say is this:
Enjoy your youth. Don't try it, you're too young whether you think so or not. God loves you, and he has someone out there for you. Good things come to those who wait.